We are a Gospel-Centered Christian Family Making Disciples Of Jesus Who Become Humble Servants And Bold Witnesses.

What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us."
                                                                                                    - A.W. Tozer

Our Family Precepts 

The Bible is our Authority.
Prayer is Essential.
Sacrifice is Common.
Fellowship is Vital.
Unity is Desired.
Obedience is Active.
Love is Expressed. 

We would identify ourselves with the beliefs of the evangelical Christian community in general and Southern Baptists in particular. We would be considered theologically conservative; though to say that may communicate to some things that describe neither our positions nor our dispositons. It is our aspiration to be gracious, defined by what we are for, not what we are against. But there are some things for which we clearly and unapologetically stand.

The rule of thumb used by God's church through the ages, says it for us: In essentials, unity In non-essentials, liberty In all things, charity (love)

Here's an overview of our beliefs:It doesn’t all begin with us… how we feel or what we think is important.  It begins with God.  God is a personal being, not an impersonal force like in Star WarsGod is triune: meaning one God expressing Himself in three persons... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is God - and the Holy Spirit is God - just as is the Father. And it means that there is one God, not three. We can affirm this, but we can't compare it to anything on earth we already have experience with. God is beyond the scope of our understanding.We know about God, ourselves, and the world around us because He has revealed these truths through the Bible.

The Bible is accurate in all that it affirms, providing a reliable guide for what we should believe and how we should live.Through the Bible, God has revealed Himself. God is good and loving and holy. He loves what's right and hates what's wrong. Sin makes Him very angry, but not with an out-of-control kind of anger we have observed in some human relationships.People are created in the image of God, having a capacity for self-awareness and creativity and worship and making moral choices. We are able to know and to commune with God. People are of great value to the Lord.All people, though of great worth, are fallen; that is, we are born with a nature that is prone to self-will and selfishness. We sin because we are sinners. God holds us responsible for our actions because we are capable of making responsible choices.Humankind has demonstrated a total inability to fix the human condition. Thus, the bitter fruits of crime and war and damaged relationships are unchanged by advances in technology. The worst part of sin is that it creates a barrier between us and God.

The good news is that God seeks a personal relationship with us that is real and meaningful.The Bible teaches us that Jesus came to earth from Heaven to restore peoples' relationship with God. Jesus is both God and man; the son of Mary without a human father. He was tested and tempted, yet proved sinless.God rescued us from sin through Jesus Christ. His death was for our sins and, in His sufferings and blood, the full load of our guilt was dumped on Him. He took our punishment. The cross is about God removing the barrier between us and Himself.  After His death and resurrection Jesus  returned to Heaven.

A relationship with God is available, but not automatic. It is a free gift but, since it is a gift, it  must be accepted. One receives this gift in repentance and faith. Repentance is an attitude adjustment when we turn to God and from our selfishness and sin. Faith is trusting Jesus to do for us things we cannot do for ourselves.  We cannot get our sins forgiven, make ourselves right with God, or become the persons we ought to be.  To have this, we must to trust Jesus to do it for us. The point when one receives the gift is called by several names in the Bible including "conversion" and being "born again." It is a life-changing experience.  For both those who grew up in church and know about the Bible, and for those who have lived a "wild" lifestyle, the Christian life has a definite beginning.

The Holy Spirit awakens our minds to our need of Jesus. He enables us to live for the Lord, giving us new desires and a new power. We can stick with it in the Christian life because He lives inside those who receive Jesus Christ. He gives us abilities with which to serve the Lord.The church is the grouping together of people who have received God’s gift. They each have a relationship with the Lord. They join together to encourage each other in the Christian life and to carry out the Lord's work on earth.One day - and no one knows when - Jesus will come back. He will take all who have received the gift of a relationship with God to heaven to be with Him. He will recreate humanity to a higher condition, free from the last drop of temptation. He will repair our brokeness and falleness. He will judge the world and establish true justice forever. He will right the wrongs and heal our hurts. Only then will our deepest hopes and longings be fulfilled.  Thus, Christians are a people who live in light of their future. To read about our beliefs in more detail, see the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, adopted as the doctrinal confession of our Church.