First Baptist University is a platform we use to equip our church family. It involves five to six weeks of intentional study on Sunday evenings.

Fall Semester 2022 
September 11th-October 9th
4:00 pm Fellowship Time in Fellowship Hall
4:30-6:00pm Seminars

Seminar Options

 Option #1 
God's Answers for an Upside Down World: Exploration of Biblical Truth for our culture's pressing questions.
A) What is Truth?
B) Abortion
C) Same-Sex Marriage
D) Gender Identity
E) Race

Option #2  
Historical Heresies in a Modern Context: Exploration of heretical teaching through the centuries and how they are presenting themselves in our day as "progressive thoughts".  
A) Legalism and Antinomianism
B) Deism
C) The Prosperity Gospel
D) New Age Spirituality
E) Secularism

Option #3  What am I to do with this child God has given me? How to lay a spiritual foundation of love, trust, and security in your children.
A) Laying a foundation of love, trust, and security. What does this look like?
B) What are the real needs of my children?
C) From car seats to car keys: Setting Boundaries
D) Rules without relationships= rebellion. Love your children by giving positive discipline.
E) It is never too late to start. God is a God of new beginnings. 

Preschool: Birth-Kindergarten Childcare and Bible Activities

1st-6th Grade: Bible Drill, Skills, and Thrills.

Students: 7th-12th Grade Worship Leading 101: Developing a foundation for leading worship.  ( This time is designed for student ministry only)  

Please fill out one form per family. If you have more than two adults to register in your household use the comment box to communicate the seminar of choice. Feel free to communicate other needs as well.