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Meaningful Membership

Baptists view church membership as a voluntary matter. One joins a church because he or she has become a Christian and shares the beliefs and goals of the congregation. They willingly join themselves to like-minded people. If some cannot agree with us on key beliefs, they are not excluded. At First Baptist, such people are invited to come under our "watchcare" and receive our love and ministry. However, if being a member of a civic organization or a political party or a garden club carries certain expectations, certainly church membership should mean something, too. Below is our understanding of what the Bible teaches concerning church membership.

The Principle of Church Membership

According to Jesus' commandment, Christians are to associate themselves together in local congregations. Such a fellowship is composed of Jesus' true disciples, who have experienced the new birth. It is evident by these persons' profession and lifestyle that they have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In joining a local church, believers unite with the rest of the congregation by covenant. Church members willingly commit to walk together, giving themselves to the Lord, and to one another. This covenant admits them to the privileges of the church, and in it they also place themselves under its discipline and government. The Lord Jesus is the head of the Church and each congregation is to operate according to His laws.

Until Jesus comes again, the local church is a "colony of heaven" (Philippians 3:20) and is a fellowship with a mission. The central purpose of the church is to honor and glorify God; the central task of the church is to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and missions. Only those who have a relationship with Christ, who share His message, and support that mission should join.

Church Membership
Sermon by Pastor Derek Gentle in audio

Duties and Expectations of Church Members

  • To have a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To have followed Jesus in believer's baptism
  • To live for Jesus and to grow spiritually
  • To be faithful in Christian fellowship, faithfully supporting the services of the church
  • To serve Jesus through His church
  • To share the doctrine, mission, and vision of the First Baptist Church
  • To support the work of First Baptist Church with tithes and offerings
  • To help win Tallassee to Jesus Christ
  • Expectations of Church Membership
    Sermon by Pastor Derek Gentle in audio


    Those who enjoy the fellowship of this church, but who are unable or unwilling to meet the requirements of membership regarding believer's baptism and subscribing to the doctrine and practices of the First Baptist Church, may enter into the watchcare of the church. This person shall enjoy the love and ministry care of the church and receive communications from the church through mail-outs, etc. However, this person shall not be privileged to vote in church conference, hold an office, or participate in the observance of the Lord's Supper. A person must be under the discipline of a church to participate in the Lord's Supper together with us. This church allows visitors from other Christian churches to partake of the Lord's Supper, provided that they are active and in good standing in their own churches. A person under the watchcare of this church is neither a member here nor an active member of his or her church.